Thursday, March 27, 2014


I just took a short break from all the studying, and having interwebs I will blog.

Since it is hell week already it is just obvious that I have tons to do. Honestly, I am on the verge of cracking under the pressure. But thinking hard about it I realized I am responsible for all these in the first place and breaking down right now will not help me in any way…  so I resolved I will just do what I should.

And just as when I thought I already accepted it a fact that I am doomed to fail, I found a sudden source of hope and (possibly) inspiration from a person I still am not sure if I will talk about here. But I think he reads this stupid blog so I guess I should say hello. (Hello!! :3) And I also want to thank him for giving me enough giddy feels so I get to wake up early for my 7AM classes :))))

I don’t have AutoCad anymore and our project’s due this Friday. I have so many exams this week. I have high chances of failing a subject or two. But when wonderful things happen in times of stress and difficult times you just can’t help but be positive and smile as each morning welcome you. But I think that’s just me mwehehehe.