Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hey Macarena, Macarena, Macarena

There was this time in our reporting days in our organization when a certain member asked me if I could read minds. Maybe it was ate Tinay.. Well, it made me think.

Who am I, Edward Cullen?

Hmm. It wasn’t reading because if that’s the case I would just read the minds of my brilliant classmates then I will perfect my exams. Not like that. 

It’s hard to explain how I can tell what people think. It was never exact but I just get the idea on what’s running in a person’s mind. As professor Snape said, “The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure.” There are ways, yes but it takes effort, will, and time. Sometimes my eavesdropping and gossip skills help HAHA.

Words help me; the manner of speaking, voice, and body language. I place myself in his/her situation and think of all the possible things he/she could do or think if I were him/her. The eavesdropping and gossip skills help me whenever I try to connect things and events. I know how to read between the lines. How much I know the person also matters. The more I know the person, the easier for me to interpret him.

Most of my predictions are true and I feel frustrated when they’re not.

But most of the time they are really true, then my conscience bugs me, especially when a person decided to confide in me and I could not tell them I already knew. How could I possibly tell them? And what if I really tell them? Would they see me as creepy? So yeah, all I could do is nod and sometimes fake looks of surprise.

Another reason why I don’t want to tell them is because I feel good whenever I guessed what people think. It makes me believe I have power over them. This helps me to calculate how I should deal with each person I met. Telling it now makes it sound creepy but it’s not. It’s like a defense mechanism. Often times I used it to stay away from bad people even before they get the chance to torment me and I used it to protect my interests.

I’ve had a lot of “I’ve already seen that coming” moments though I still believe this is natural. The closest I am to being a telepath is my impression of Professor Xavier’s “I don’t want your future!!!” line in X-Men Days of Future Past movie. No. I am not a mutant. 

I am not sure of that but if ever I am I promise I’ll be on the good side.

Are you scared of me now?

Maybe it’s too late for I have already plunged deep in your thoughts and already knew some of your secrets.