Saturday, May 10, 2014

I don't want to be a hippocrite


But that is true.

Hypocrites are the worst.

That is why I feel disappointment whenever I notice I'm hypocritical.

Shame on you, Amabelle!! Shame on you!!

There is this year when I told everybody that Secondhand Serenade sucks but then I have Secondhand Serenade songs on my playlist. Same thing about KPOP. Sometimes I disown it and say that korean pop boy bands are gays. But I like Super Junior so much and my ultimate crush (for years) is one of its members (Cho Kyuhyun). I have said, countless times, that David Archuleta is a bad singer.. but now I am a fan of him. This could go on.. about my fandoms, book/movie/tv series characters, songs, things and what not. I guess this behavior roots out from prejudgment/ false judgment.

I believe that having a romantic relationship while on teenage years/school age is despicable but I had one when I was in high school. 

I scold my sister for her actions (most of the time) but then after a while I realize I do them too. Sometimes I realize I do it more than her.

I am a hypocrite.. at times. But trust me I know it, too and I try my best to avoid being one.

The idea of hippocrites is scary for me, though. I don't like hippopotamuses.