Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just Voldemort thoughts..

Death has always scared the shit out of me.

I think about it in the late hours, when I have nothing to do and my mind is still wide awake. The fear has made me cry, feel out of breath, and extremely paranoid.

I do not like how it is inevitable but details about it are still cloudy. Only the dead knows, of course. But they wouldn't tell.

Knowing would help. I have searched for answers but nothing can reassure me. It is the unknown after all.

I can relate to T.M.R. at some point but I wouldn't go in great lengths to escape this reality. I am bound to experience it – the actual point of my existence.

They said that the universe is so vast, my death can go unnoticed. I know that was not supposed to make me feel better, but to make me stop being such a baby about this. 

Can I just Avada Kedavra this shit out of me?