Thursday, May 22, 2014

One Hit Combo

Killing two birds with one stone usually implies something to celebrate for.. But why give me this?

Imagine a person who has two birds. Say, both are his pets and he loves them dearly. Then just suddenly he wants to get rid of one because he can't handle it anymore. He threw a stone to shoo it, without intending to scare the other one because it is, for some reason, more important. But it turns out, his pets happened to be lovebirds.

The person was me.

I suck at pet owning I could not possibly handle a bird, let alone lovebirds. It's a silly metaphor, okay? It's just whenever I think of the problem that is how I see it. 

Me, ashen faced while watching two birds fly away.. Those sick bastards..

"Screw the birds!" I could say. But deep inside I know I'll miss the other one - it left me when I mean it to stay. 


To the real problem..

These things usually happen in telenovelas. The idea may not be that far-fetched but it's rare enough that I could not deny myself the expression, "Why me?"

The situation has put me into some kind of distress.

At first, I laughed it out. I found it hilarious, really. But now it makes me uneasy.

Now back to the birds..

Should I just let the birds fly? Should I curse them for all eternity?

Damn, I'm starting to hold grudge against innocent birds.