Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thirty Four

What is happening with me?

Lately I’ve been losing sleep.. Okay, who am I kidding?

The truth is, I stay up late doing the most random things but even so I have sufficient sleep. I get some shit done, yes but I wake up every day with Maya and Sir Chief’s OA dialogues. What the hell, right?

I know it is vacation but I still feel bad whenever I climb down our double deck bed, my head buzzing and my stomach grumbling, and look at the clock and see that half of the day has already passed. It also sucks when you know that they had a delicious breakfast but you missed it, so you just have to eat brunch while fearing you’ll have stomach ache because your tummy’s not ready to take in food yet.

And looks like there has been a major flaw in my summer vacation plan.. again.

First is that I am supposed to have taken summer class (April-May) but I didn’t. When I have already accepted the unfortunate events (which I brought upon myself, I must admit), there came out this news that there will be a second summer class.

What the hell should I feel about that?

I am desperate for units but I did YOLO these two months thinking I still have two more to spend on the serious things. I can’t decide if I will consider the second summer class as a major buzzkill or miracle sent from above. But I don’t think it has been confirmed yet so I’ll postpone judgment and wait for more details.

What else..

Well, I feel sad that my dad’s going back to Qatar this May 12. I must say this has been his best vacation with us so far. This has been his happiest and we got to bond with him really well. It’s sad how fast the days passed by. I guess it’s so when you’re having fun.