Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thirty Three

Happy, I may be, for the successful start of my "let's start getting shit done this summer vacation" campaign, something unfortunate happened.. like it always does when things go really well.

I am very sad to announce that my pet Oxnard the hamster.. is dead.

Oxnard has always been the snob type. He gets startled easily, especially when you pet him while he's eating. He likes munching and often times he would sit on top of the food like he's the only hamster allowed to eat. I guess this upsets the other hamster, Penny. She was my sister's, and she was named Penny only recently.

Penny is the reason why Oxnard is dead. She killed him.

I guess we didn't like keeping a killer hamster inside the house for we gave Penny to one of our neighbors. I hope she could realize what she did. Penny.. try for some remorse..

Rest in peace my furry little friend. You will be missed, despite those times you tried to bite my finger off. Your workout days may be over now but I think you'll not get fat there in hamster heaven. I'm sorry I could not bring you justice, for there is no hamster law yet. You think I should work on that?

Goodbye Oxnard..