Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thirty Two

Today.. May six 2014.. I swear I will get shit done.

I have already spent weeks of summer vacation. I had so much YOLO moments I'm feeling ashamed of myself. And when I say YOLO moments.. dude, I mean doing useless shit.

There are some exceptions.. but those 'some' could not possibly make up for the rest of them. 

What the hell have I been doing with my life?

I don't want to elaborate on that part (the stories are embarrassing to recount even for myself). Okay.. it has been lazy and boring, to sum it up.

So, to prove I still have some self respect.. I, Amabelle of Dasmariñas, Cavite, swear to do useful shit from this point forth.. without leaving of course, my fangirl responsibilities.

Minimizing (to lowest possible, maybe none at all) Facebook/Twitter/stalking time comes first in my general plan of action. This plan also applies to staring blankly into space, contemplating on life, self pitying, and of course, daydreaming. These are the only things that I came up with at this very moment. Expect further changes.

Note: My words of promise will take effect as soon as I get my fat arse to sleep. Good morning, by the way..