Thursday, June 26, 2014

Early exposure to violence and crimes shown in media made me fear about my security all the time. It also offered a lot of ways to fight and get away from the bad guys. They gave me lots of ideas.

  • I need my own version of J.A.R.V.I.S and it has to be connected with almost everything I own
  • I need a car like Nick Fury's
  • When I have my own house it needs to be super protected. Windows and doors could be locked with a single command, same with the lights. All the rooms, even the bathrooms, are connected to a secret bunk which is complete with supplies. Security cameras and alarms in every room. There should also be a database of people allowed in the house and this will be used to identify them if ever they wish to come in. 
  • Avoid hiring helpers
  • I need little buttons that if pushed will send an immediate signal/message that means one is in danger. This is handy when it is an emergency or the person does not have the time to use other means of communication
  • I need bags and clothes that have hidden compartments
  • A handful of glass-breaking device like that in Insurgent
  • Fart guns and squid launchers
For each tragic event that I have witnessed/read in media/books I try to think of ways/things that could help me if I am put in that kind of situation. Probably I need to have the same amount of money as Tony Stark to achieve the technology that I want to ensure my safety. Though I highly doubt I will ever be that kind of person that requires maximum security, it's just nice to feel secured and prepared. And if I ever I do achieve the things above, that would be extremely awesome.