Saturday, June 28, 2014

If you want inner peace never go to our place.

Damn. Our neighbors never fail to piss me off.

As I am writing this, there is someone singing a Charice Pempengco song on the top of her lungs. It’s 12 PM and the heat is killing me. So is the freakin’ singer. I may have felt different if they were not doing that in a daily basis. But they do, and they do not care at all. You can’t tell the difference between the everyday singing and the occasional thing. They just sing and sing and sing, most of the time in inappropriate times. What’s worse is that they have crappy sound system.

Speaking of crappy sound system, a different neighbor has one too. But they do not use it for videoke (Thank the Heavens!). Theirs belch out Aegis and April Boy Regino’s songs in full volume. I tell you it is not better. It’s just more bearable. And to be fair they do not play shitty songs all of the time. They even played Eheads and PNE, but that is rare. The audio quality just sucks, though. The kind that makes you want to bang your head to the wall if you are exposed to it long enough.

But there are instances when both neighbors decide to war with each other using their speakers. Those times I want to cry.

And then there are the kids. Some of them sing Frozen’s Let It Go. Nonstop. They are boys, and they sometimes play outside, wearing pink blankets as capes and then sing in falsetto. I can’t even... And then some play basketball and dribble just outside… at 4AM. Some scream, some cry for hours. Some run around without wearing anything. Most of them are boys again, and their things dangle as they play.

Then there is the usual smoky air, caused by one of our neighbors who cook using ancient equipment. Or by those ones that smoke cigarettes (and possibly weed? I’m not sure but it’s like that). It hurts my eyes and my respiratory system.

My neighbors usually have drinking sessions in front of their houses while talking so loud. They play games on the streets, forming a crowd of half naked men around. You have to repeat your excuse mes and sometimes you have to scream “Oy, padaan nga!”.

There are times when the stench around here gets strong enough to reach our windows. It bothers us a lot but thanks to Vick’s Vapor Rub we get to mask it with eucalyptus aroma.

My neighbors usually do some other things that can make you facepalm. I know because I do that all the time. I actually grew up here. It’s not so bad; it’s just not the peaceful kind of place. To be honest I really want to get out of here. But since I still can’t, I guess I just have to buy noise cancelling headphones because I already screamed at our wall three times for our neighbor to stop singing. No chance, damn it!