Thursday, June 12, 2014

My trips to my former elementary school became frequent because of my sister who now studies there. At 4 o' clock I have to pick her up. I carry her humongous bag and super heavy portfolio while she walks with me. Quite the nostalgia.. It has been a while since I have seen the place and it was familiar yet different. In my time it was quite spacious and green. Now, new buildings have sprung up from places that was once wide and empty. I saw my former teachers and I saw new ones. They have different curricula now and the K-12 of course. 

Elementary has always been that 'six tedious years of copying notes and doing useless shit' for me. In short, I did not enjoy it that much. I seldom like other children, specially in my early grades. When I was in Grade One I only had one friend. And I liked that.

But my sister is the opposite. She has many friends and I can see she's having the time of her life when she's with them. She likes talking, and smiling, and singing, and playing games, and shizz. That's why sometimes she wants me to just pick her bags and go back to our house and then go to the school again and bring the 'bola ng balibol sa bahay'. Of course, I said no. 

School starts August for us so I have to stay up until then in our house. That also means I have to help my sister do her homework. Yey? No. I have to go back to studying PEMDAS, and tag questions, and the circulatory system, and the spelling shizz. I had to run in place for a full minute and then count my pulses after that. It was crazy because I sometimes have flashbacks of the things I forgot I even did when I was in her grade. I have to pick her up and greet her teachers who actually were my teachers before. 

To be fair to her, every first day of her elementary life her teachers refer to her as 'the sister of Amabelle', except maybe those teachers who have not taught me. It is not my fault I am quite famous in my day *wink wink* but I know that must be tough for her. My mother expects us to do well in school, and she is very persistent to have us study our lessons everyday. My sister is certainly not the studious type so often times my mother gets angry, specially when my sister does not meet our mother's expectations. 

In our own ways, my sister and I can both agree that elementary kinda sucks.