Monday, July 28, 2014

Pictures with the awesome gift me and Manelyn made for Joanna on her 19th birthday 
For Joanna's 19th birthday, me and Manelyn made a customized gift for her. It has her picture, with typewritten song lyrics surrounding the picture. Most of them we got from Paramore's songs, Joanna's all time favorite band. We picked chosen lines that we could relate to Joanna. My personal favorite is from Paramore's song All I Wanted. It says,
I could follow you to the beginning, just to relive the start. And maybe then we'll remember to slow down. And all of our favorite parts.
We framed it so that it looked more presentable haha. I can tell that she liked it.

We went to her house carrying our gift, and Eimard's gift to her (as he came to our house yesterday and asked Manelyn and me to give it to Joanna). We also bought Minion designed party hats and a Choco Topps Cupcake (yeah, we're poor like that XD).

We spent time playing with Joanna's Xbox Kinect and watching some episodes of The Big Bang Theory. We also ate pizza, courtesy of Joanna.

It wasn't much but I had fun. I hope we made Joanna happy today, as this is her exact birth date. She told us she already celebrated her birthday with her family yesterday, but of course we have to celebrate her birthday with her. Too bad Diana wasn't able to come.

Happy 19th Joanna!