Monday, July 7, 2014

I had the chance to teach high school students from Tanauan Batangas because of SELES' UPCAT Review. Unfortunately, my phone malfunctioned so I did not have any pictures :(. It was my first time to do that kind of teaching and to be honest I think I was kind of snob while doing it. I had this habit of talking to the blackboard. I tried my best, though, and I still hope they got something from me haha.  On my way back to our house I thought of ways on how I could have done better. Still, it was a nice 'first time' thing. I am thankful to SELES, especially kuya Raymond, for giving me the opportunity. If I am to teach again, I'll use what I learned from this experience.

Before that, I got to see our dormitory again. I decided to stay at UPLB because it is relatively close to Tanauan and we had an early call time. I kind of missed UP and since the four month vacation is nearing its end, I think I need to condition myself again with the university's surroundings and the dorm life, of course. I'll surely miss my mom's cooking. I noticed also that I am getting dizzy again with long trips so I think I should prepare myself for that.

Speaking of first times, I created an account. It was not because I am bored. Allen just suggested that I should create one and so I did. If you want to ask me something you could just ask personally. If you don't want to, then maybe you could ask me there. Allen said answering questions from anonymous people can be thrilling, so thrill me if you could.

My left foot was kind of okay as of now. I still feel pain sometimes when I walk but it was less than before. Hooray for that. :)