Thursday, July 3, 2014

So this happened..

A large spider came out of nowhere and I freaked out. I ran away from it and then I bumped my little toe to the sofa. The pain made my eyes water and made my knees weak enough for me to suddenly bend over. The farthest side of my left foot lost feeling for a while. Shortly after that I went to the bathroom. I used a bakya for some reason and it is kind of high. When I finished I lost balance, maybe because I still can't feel the side of my left foot, and then I tripped. I heard a small crack and then I felt a blinding pain from the same injured foot. I bent over again and examined it and saw that there is a small bump. I got really nervous and I thought I broke some bones. 

I can still feel my foot, though. I can still walk but there is some kind of difficulty, like what I felt when they removed my cast and I hesitated to walk because I thought I forgot how to. I hoped the bump will go away over night but it hasn't. My foot stings every time I move it. This is what it looks like now:

I am quite sure I don't have any broken bone but it feels like I damaged a blood vessel or some tissue. I need crutches. Lol no it is not that serious.