Monday, September 1, 2014

In times I am uncertain I often just believe in things that I know I will be safest. But there are other times I am brave enough to choose something difficult that I know that will make me happy. This is one of those moments.

I have finally achieved a kind of peace and content I have longed for. The fuzziness can be unbearable at times, the kind that makes me want to explode from all the sudden emotions.

Even though some things related could be stressful to me, just the thought of what I have now gives me courage to face it all.

I am not new to this but I feel like I am. The usual feeling of doubts and worries coupled with extreme surges of affection is back. The rush makes me feel years younger. The little things make me smile uncontrollably. I am thinking of things only delusional love struck girls would. The funniest thing is I let it all happen.

I have realized when you feel something so true you can never really hide it, and it will just hurt the more you do. The only way to be happy is to choose to be happy. Look at me, I am eighteen years old and I am hugging a perfumed giraffe stuffed toy.

And I have never been happier.