Friday, October 3, 2014

Life right now is stressing me. When I mean life I mean acads.

I got a perfect score on my first ES11 exam. The sad thing about that is the thought that I have to repeat the subject just to excel. That is very nega thinking but it kept me from celebrating. My mind keeps on telling me I should be taking ES12 (the subject after ES11) now.

For my other subjects I feel like I still have not passed any major exam. We already had three lecture exams on Physics83 and two on ES21. I got a stunning 37% on EE11, probably I am the lowest among my friends. Though some of them say that that is natural because they are second takers, I still feel bad for myself. Now that is perfectly natural.

We had the second EE11 exam tonight. I am expecting a similar performance. I could not bring myself to fully think that my failures are justifiable. Engineering is hard. Engineering in UP is super mega ultra hanep and un-kabogable hard. But as a person who willingly had this upon myself, I should adjust and adapt to the flow.

I wish I was smarter.