Thursday, November 13, 2014

Vapor, Liquid, Iceberg

I just came home from the ICEBERG quiz contest by ERG. I came for the bonus points (10 pts) actually, but I still got dismayed everytime we get a wrong answer, which is very often. I came with Allen by the way, and Lester was supposed to be there, too. Too bad he is sick so he wasn’t able to come.
The feelings of dissapointment for my orgmates still lingers. I can feel the darkness within - the sole reason why I am feeling unhappy around them. I do not have any regrets about joining, however. Their bad habits just pisses me off.
During the quiz contest I realized how important it is to be with supportive people. My organization provides support in a very different manner, in which I can say, has a lot of bad points that should not be left unnoticed. I cannot help but compare how the flow of the event went with the one ours had just recently. This time I can say our rival organization has the advantage.
Maybe I am being biased. Maybe it is because I have bad feelings.
But one thing is for sure and that is I will really have a difficult time being part of my organization.
Which is very very sad.