Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another year for false promises

Resolutions are a thing whenever a new year comes. It can be a fresh start for some people who may have messed up in the year that just passed (which sadly includes me) and to make a list of stuff to do and not to do to possibly save themselves in the year to come. This is not a regular thing for me, and most of my new year’s resolution I have made for my teachers in high school or elementary who asked for them. I have never fully followed one, ever, and I do not think I am capable of doing that. There is just this personal blogger’s challenge I got from Tumblr, and it includes a new year’s resolution entry. I just thought I give it a try..

Amabelle’s New Year’s Resolution for the Year 2015:
  1. Erase insecurities. Frustration about things I do not have or cannot control I realized, is never necessary. This year if I want something for myself then I should do what it takes to have it. If I am still without success it just means I do not deserve to have it, or there is just some appropriate time for me to succeed. I should not dwell on disappointment whenever I compare myself to others who have fared better, but I should strive harder for self-improvement. There is nothing better than having a positive mind and self-confidence.
  2. Engage in useful hobbies. Times used in procrastination should be lessened, or none at all if possible. I should make sure I will gain something for everything that I do. Read more, watch more, listen more and write more.
  3. Write short term and long term goals and have an evaluation about it.
  4. Be wary of the food I eat and the things that I do that can damage my health. The past year I have done many things that made my body suffer, even though I know beforehand that those things can really have bad effects on me. The past year I have known about the pain and the worry those things have caused me. I must avoid those this year.
  5. Keep track of important things especially about school.
  6. Do not over think. I made myself depressed and worried about things that I should not be. It brought a lot of tears and unnecessary bad feelings about myself and other people. Over thinking is the root of all my problems this year so I better eradicate that.
  7. Write regularly on my personal diary and planner, write thoughts and continue reflecting on life in a daily basis. This is to keep track of sanity, to keep records of personal experiences and memorable events for future reference.
  8. Save money.
  9. Create a daily, weekly and monthly schedule.
  10. Reconnect with friends and loved ones. Even though I am really bad with dealing with people, I must try to have conversations even with just the people I am close to. I should start telling things to people and stop bottling up emotions.
  11. Be strict with self about deadlines.
  12. Create better outputs. I should put the best effort I can in my works especially in my studies.
  13. Exercise.
  14. Be a morning person. There is a lot more to accomplish when you start your day waking up early in the morning.
  15. Do the Greek life. Discover and do many things and put balance in knowledge, arts and social skills.
That's it. Fifteen things for the year 2015. Just a few hours more until the countdown. Here's to another three hundred and sixty five days if both of us do not die this coming year. 

To not dying!