Saturday, January 3, 2015

Each girl has that one boy she will never lose feelings for

And it is a great disappointment when that boy was someone the girl did not have. Maybe someone she lost, or someone she never really had a chance.

Now, tell me..

How could the universe be so cruel, as to give someone a burden of this extraordinary kind? Tiny little pieces of glass shards pierce the chest leaving no scar but remain just as painful. Unnecessary pain, even. 

How could I, a person so reserved and distant..
I, a person who can terminate ill relationships at will.. 
crumble down for a mere stranger?

What a disgrace it has been! When that boy walked into my life and ruined all the things that I have stood for and believed. 

The moment he acknowledged, I was in an enchanted state. But the needle of reality popped the bubble, splashing at me the remains which are the infinite possibilities that are generally not in my favor. And then to realize that it wasn't as magical as I have expected. It was all heartbreaking

My time has been wasted but I still feel like it hasn't.

And that is always going to be the worst part.