Saturday, January 17, 2015

Just as I have thought, Pope Francis' words about how he would punch Dr. Gasparri if ever he insult the pope's mother and "freedom of speech is limited" will make some people mad. Even I for a while thought that that is purely wrong. But that just proves how human all of us are, even the pope who most Catholics put in high regard.

It is just that we have dignity in everything that defines us and in everything we believe in. Some do not have anything but that, so they will protect it with their lives. That is how I interpreted the pope for his example, for I love my mother to the point that it hurts me to even hear a single word of insult about her, especially from someone who does not understand her more than me. 

We just have come to a time when most of us do not know when to stop and then call the one's who draw the line weak. We tell that there is unity in diversity, but we cannot fully accept our own differences. And we still resort to violence and hatred whenever people do not agree with what we think. 

Raising the argument "because there is freedom of expression" to anything you say offensive is just like using a weapon to cut through people, and most of us "express" without even knowing the consequences and without even thinking of what makes us what we are about to do. Words are really powerful enough to change a lot of things, but it is also powerful enough to start wars and cause others a lot of pain.