Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Now I am wondering why I ever doubted in the first place, the power of true love. Three days have proved that what I have been having all these months, is a nightmare.

It will only end if I stop dreaming, and the dream will wake me up if it has reached its climax. Friday I have made an important decision that brought me to that turning point. The story still hangs on an undecided ending, but at least I have woken up from that delusional dream of a cliche love story.

January two I have missed the eyes that were gleaming at the sight of me. January two I have forgotten about the voice of someone so calm and caring my troubles went away. January two I have ignored the person who has never failed to make me happy in his own special ways.

And now I am crying at three o' clock in the morning because of that person, who is still clueless about what I have done. 

How could I dedicate a wonderful song to someone else, who does not even deserve any word from it? I am an abomination.

But the abominable thing should still go to the grave without any word of it again. No one as good as he, deserves to know such a thing.

And so it ends.