Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Of Monsters and Men and money problems

The first week of classes has not even started but I have already realized I may be low on funds. What I hate the most about new semesters is the need to restock almost all supplies, which is one of the reasons for the problem I just stated. To remember my sister's comment on how the "younger sibling treats the older one nowadays" did nothing but irritate me in my current situation. My allowance I have to budget on food, transportation, groceries and school supplies. I cannot even save that much money and if I did, I will probably spend it on some other school stuff or comfort take-out food. My sister is in no position to guilt trip me because I did not ask for her to treat me in the first place, and her money she doesn't have to budget on anything for she stays with my mom.
For the past days I have lived on Allen's clutches, which kept me safe from the electric fan which tried to freeze me to my doom. To hell with my previous doubt in depending on him. It feels wonderful to be in another person's embrace. If there is one thing I like about gaining weight it is that I seem to be more 'huggable'. I hope that helps him.
Music is a very great friend who can comfort you and relate to you in so many ways possible and also does that in a very satisfying manner. I just discovered the art of 'Of Monsters and Men' as I was letting my day's work of making my side of the room habitable again, sink in to me. Listening to music while relaxing makes it ten times better, if  it is good to the ears.