Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Other Side of Up

The experience of shame and rejection flooded before me as the test call with Rarejob was finished. In my defense, it was not really a rejection. I have not even started the demo lesson yet, and it was suggested that I book a schedule again. But the things I went through! I don't know if the fact that I do not see the test call admin's face will make me feel relieved or the opposite. It surprised me that I am currently feeling bad about this. I did not even think this through. Maybe that is why.

I really hate disappointments. I have problems handling that. Also, it greatly affects my mood. Right now I am feeling really down, and irritable, and lonely at the same time. The dogs howling outside made matters even worse. 

Thanks to Full Frontal for keeping me preoccupied. My thoughts about what happened a while ago were shunted to one corner of my mind. 

In a completely unrelated topic, I am starting to panic now because I just realized that it is Thursday. I only have four days left to study for my EE12 exam, which I expect to be harder than diamond. Four days left to prepare my nose and brain from excessive bleeding. 

My time, these days, are eaten by rewriting notes. I am actually rewriting my EE11 notes right now. It helps me, though, to remember fundamental concepts.

Thank you Alex and Jack for cheering me up.