Thursday, May 7, 2015

Future Hearts by All Time Low Album Review


I agree to most of the reviews I have seen about this album – All Time Low has matured with Future Hearts. And I think that is relative to their previous albums. When Something’s Gotta Give came out, I expected a familiar ATL because of the song’s theme. It still got that spunk so I also expected that they will stick to that genre. When Kids in the Dark came out however, I began to have a feeling that the album could bring something more, though I still think that maybe it is that random inspirational punk song that often comes in their albums.
The first time I heard all the songs, I really think that this one’s really for their fans. Most songs have a light theme, there’s still swearing and bitter lyrics, but this time they are not fully made for a particular person. Actually there are a couple of songs that actually wants the world to mind its own business. That’s quite new for ATL, I guess. The band did not lose its reputation for producing great lyrics and I can say there’s a bunch of ‘relatable’ lines in the whole album.
Here are my short comments about each song on the album:
  1. Satellite – This one’s like an introductory song (just two minutes long). I think it is about disconnection and uncertainties. It could also be a song about the band as well.
  2. Kicking & Screaming – This song’s chorus got me because it has a catchy tune. This song has the same air as their previous ones (in short: Old ATL).
  3. Something’s Gotta Give – The funny MV is funny XD.
  4. Kids in the Dark – This song has many feels. It conveys message for their young fans, or just their fans in general since most of us still got the inner kids in ourselves. It is a beautiful song that just tells how the broken can make wonderful things. It has bonus feels because they use third person and you can really feel the band here talking to you.
  5. Runaways – This one is a typical ATL song  that is like “don’t worry we’ve got each other so let’s escape”
  6. Missing You – The first time I heard this song my acads came first to my mind. It really struck me hard that I think I will make this my official after exam theme song. “Fuck the world ‘cause it’s my life” is one of the best lines here. It really is a good song for times you think you fucked up real hard and you want to be reassured that there is still hope for you to get back on track. It helped boost my morale somehow.
  7. Cinderblock Garden – “We could make forever after all” is my favorite line here, so is “Finding the gold in our darkest moments”. I can relate to this song to some level. It makes me think of some circumstance I am having right now.
  8. Tidal Waves – I initially do not like this song, but my putting the album on repeat I have realized there cannot be any song to hate in this album, even just a bit. “Why don’t you think before you speak ‘cause you don’t know me at all..” is one of my favorite lines here. So is “ I’m just you’re filthy little.. filthy little..” The song can really leave it hanging because we know what comes next haha.
  9. Don’t You Go – I don’t know why but I thought of Alex’s girlfriend Lisa when I first heard this.
  10. Bail Me Out –  This is so cute and catchy!
  11. Dancing With Wolf – Bitter lyrics ahead. Quite catchy also.
  12. The Edge of Tonight – This is a love song. Something to dedicate for a significant other.
  13. Old Scars/Future Hearts – This is a ‘relatable’ song for me also. I think it means that in life, there is no other way but forward. We may have been through very tough situations and it seems like time has momentarily stopped for us for a while. And our bad decisions can make us sacrifice things such as dreams and our future. Despite all that, we still have a choice if we will let everything the way it is. The best way to moving on is to accept defeat and continue. We may be broken for a period of time but at that moment we can live like we’ve got nothing to lose.
Future Hearts showcased a new side of All Time Low. Good job to All Time Low for creating a wonderful art. I hope I could see them this August. :)
PS. Don’t Panic is still my favorite ATL album XD.