Thursday, May 28, 2015

this is to all the people out there who are still doing schoolwork at this very moment

First of all, I want to thank my university for the freakin’ academic calendar shift.

And second of all, I feel you brothas.

Everyone else is on break. My Facebook news feed is filled with pictures of people on beaches and vacation trips. And here I am still having exams, projects, presentations and, the worst of all, upcoming final exams.

I still fail to grasp the supposedly ‘many reasons’ or rather ‘justifiable reasons’ for the authorities to do this extreme step. While walking outside in spite the summer heat, dehydrated and sabog, I can fully imagine (and dread) each second semester here forth. The sun’s evil laugh reverberates every time I go outside. 

FU, Sun.

But the Sun knows I kid. I owe my life to Mr. Sun.

On the brighter side, all I have to do now is to endure these last episodes of mental torture and I will be free at last. And then I will laugh at those people who will be starting school while I am on break. 

A few more days…