Thursday, August 6, 2015

sometimes it is nice to have company

I just got home from the late birthday celebration of two of my batchmates, Yanna and Kathy. My overeating is at its finest this start of the semester and I am getting rounder in the middle as each day pass. My batchmate Lucky gave us a ride and we’re supposed to have dinner at Spice Jar but he suggested we go to Burger King instead. With that we got hyped and so to Burger King we went. We had a somewhat warm (and unexpected) sem starter.
(photos courtesy of Allen)

Earlier today I mingled a bit with some of my orgmates (for a change). It surprised me to find it tolerable and to feel somewhat comfortable. Maybe the change of regime brought that, what with my sponsor being the current president of the organization. We also had our first general assembly and my committee (Publicity Committee) had its first meeting. I have a feeling Justin will be an awesome committee head (he already gave us an awesome token for choosing pubcom, and an awesome speech to boost our morale).