Monday, October 12, 2015

My roommate­­ asked me earlier today what series I am watching and I told her I am watching “Parks and Rec. She asked again if it is good and my answer was: “It’s okay.”

But honestly, Parks and Recreation is far more than okay. In fact, I am so obsessed about it right now I can’t wait for my Stat1 exam to finish so I can go back to my dorm and watch the last episode of Season 6. As a fangirl I sometimes get pretty possessive about stuff like this. I discovered Parks and Rec when I Googled “series like the Office”, and when I saw the meme of Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer (I still don’t know what/why/who/when _____ is but at this point I’m still afraid to ask) on 9gag.  The feeling of discovering PnR, another thing to get attached to and love, is just so rewarding that I am afraid I cannot share it with anyone (except Allen; I literally have been pushing PnR to his face these past days.)

A major reason is one man.

Benjamin Wyatt.

There are probably a lot of girls like me who have fantasized about this “sexy elf king” but I am not ready to discuss about these fangirl feels to a close friend, or even an acquaintance. He’s not like Kyuhyun who I can openly express feelings with Kyunatic friends. No. Ben Wyatt (and his butt) is mine. I am a huge fan of Leslie and Ben, and I ship them so hard, and I believe they are perfect for each other but my love for Ben Wyatt is so intense when I repeat their sweet and adorable moments I picture myself as Leslie Knope. His voice, his hair, his cute face and lips, his skin, his butt, his nerdiness, everything.. attracts me. Oh my gosh, I am obsessed with Ben Wyatt he has finally replaced Kyuhyun as my number 1 crush.

He’s the first person I search for in almost every frame and I had a crush on him since the moment he showed his dorky face on the series.  I wish I could meet someone like him and then marry someone like him.

Having my own Benjamin Wyatt will be the coolest and most amazing thing ever.